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What to Wear with a Dad Hat

February 15, 2022

Wearing a hat is one of the go-to fashion accessories of the year. And the trend is not planning on stopping anytime soon. Everywhere you look, people are rocking dad hats.

A dad hat has come a long way from being a casual athleisure staple. The six-panel baseball cap is a timeless accessory that knows no boundaries. You can dress it up or dress it down to suit your style.

They feature unstructured front panels and a curved brim that is similar to a traditional baseball cap. Dad hats are made for a laid-back vibe. But don’t be fooled by their relaxed appearance as they make any outfit look polished.

If you’re new to dad hats and want to jump on the trend, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to wear a dad cap, what to wear with a dad hat, and some of our favorite dad hat outfits.

What to Wear with a Dad Hat

How to Wear a Dad Cap

Okay, so maybe you think your hair is too long, or your bangs will get in the way of wearing a dad cap. Lucky for you, any hairstyle looks great with the cap, and there are plenty of options for how to wear a dad cap.

With bangs

You might think you can’t wear a dad hat if you have a nice set of bangs. Maybe you’re worried your bangs will stick out, or they will be wonky once you take it off.

Try brushing your bangs forward and position the dad hat with the brim angled over your fringe. It should sit at the top of your forehead instead of flat across so that it keeps your bangs intact.

Experiment with your hair by parting your bangs to the side or creating a perfectly symmetrical fringe. If your bangs get wonky after you take your dad hat off, carry some hair balm to tame your mane.

With long hair

If you’ve got long hair, you have a range of hairstyles to play with. You can make a dad hat look casual or chic.

Pulling your hair back into a low ponytail is a classic and effortless way to wear a dad hat. You can create a polished yet casual vibe by sweeping your hair into a ponytail and popping a cap on top.

A loose bun is another way to create a chic yet casual look with a dad hat. But if you’re looking for something fancier, try plaiting your hair to the side with a fishtail braid.


Wearing a dad hat backward creates a super laid-back look. It works best when you let your hair down as buns and ponytails will get in the way. 

Just turn the cap around so the brim is at the nape of your neck. But be sure to wear it in a casual setting as a backward cap in your Sunday best isn’t a look grandma will appreciate.

What to Wear with a Dad Cap

The beauty of the dad hat is that you can wear it with almost anything. A dad hat from Poleberg can be worn by the pool, lounging at home, socially distanced meet-ups, and with funky patterns or chic blazers.

There are plenty of dad hat outfits to suit your style.

At the beach

Switch up your swimwear with the New York Yankees hat. Accessorizing a sporty baseball cap with your favorite bikini will add to your casual vibe. Throw on a breezy button-down shirt to make it fashionable. 

Dress it up

While a dad hat won’t be the most appropriate accessory at a wedding. You can pair one with a blazer to bring your whole outfit together. Style this red Calgary Flames hat with a black blazer and a low bun for a trendy runway look. 

Sunday lounging

Spend the weekend lounging around in sweats and a California Golden Bears baseball cap. While the PJs will keep you comfy, the dad hat will add a touch of glam to the same old borning tracksuit.

Walking your dog

If you need some fresh air on the weekend but don’t want to change into a more socially acceptable look. Throw on a Minnesota Wild two-tone dad hat with a big trench coat. Tuck your hair into a low bun and some earrings for a slightly sophisticated outfit. 

Running errands

Pairing a Chicago Blackhawks cap with a tee and jeans is the ultimate casual look. You can even take your style up a notch by swapping the jeans for a slip dress and flannel shirt for a great everyday look.

Check you out

Whatever clothes you wear, don’t feel that a dad hat’s sports logo has to blend into the crowd. Jazz up your outfit with a mix of prints. Add a leopard print LA Dodgers cap for an even more bold and daring look.

Check Out Poleberg Today! 

There are many ways to wear a dad hat. You can wear it with your hair up or down, put it on backward, dress it up or keep it cool and casual. Your fashion and preferences will help you decide how you chose to style a dad hat.

If you’re ready to give dad hats a whirl, Poleberg has a range of styles to pair with your favorite outfits. Whether you’re a sports fan or just want to jump on the fashion trend. There are plenty of dad hat outfits to add to your wardrobe for a guaranteed good look.