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Why You Should Wear a Hat While Running

September 09, 2022

There's no doubt that running, in general, is good for you.  Running is good for your heart, mind, and physical health. Many intricacies come with running well, including access to the right gear.

Wearing a hat while running can be a game-changer for those trying to run effectively. Though the topic can be polarizing among runners, many fans of our Poleberg collection love running with hats on. It can be super beneficial for many reasons, so let's talk about it!

Why You Should Wear a Hat While Running

Wearing a Hat While Running

The preference to wear a hat while running depends on who you ask. Some runners will tell you they feel naked without it, while others think wearing a hat weighs them down. Regardless of your current feelings on the topic, if you've been asking yourself, "should I wear a hat while running?" a few beneficial aspects of the practice might help you make up your mind.

Staying Cool

Wearing a breathable, flexible hat while running can keep you cool in warmer temperatures, while a moisture-wicking hat or beanie can keep you warm in the winter. Well-made hats are designed to pull moisture away from the head, helping evaporate sweat.

The best running hats on the market let air through, cooling the runner down and providing a level of breathability for the head. Caps work well for very sweaty runners that consistently have the annoyance of sweat dripping in their eyes.

Hair Control

Hair flopping and bobbing in your face can be highly distracting when you're trying to focus on running aspects like pacing and form. If you're a runner with long hair and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I wear a hat while running?,” maybe it's time to try it out.

Running with a hat keeps your hair under control. For example, if you choose a cap with a ponytail hole, your hair will remain up and off of your neck, contributing to the cooling process instead of hindering it.

Protection from the Elements

One of the main reasons runners wear hats is to protect their faces and heads from the outdoor elements. Those who love running outdoors tend to do it all year round and in the worst of weather conditions.

Hats protect your head and eyes from rain, wind, snow, and minor hail. While it's best to run only in safe conditions, it can be difficult to predict what the weather might do, primarily if you live in a place like upstate New York, where the weather in early Spring is entirely unpredictable. 


Some people wear hats while running simply because they look amazing and add an athletic aesthetic to any running outfit. Hats have a way of acting as an accessory that completes a look, and many people like to look a certain way when they partake in their favorite hobbies or activities.

What we wear and how we're perceived can affect performance, even though it doesn't impact our bodies physically. The right look helps people to feel mentally prepared for an event, and in the case of running, adding a hat can make all the difference. 

Improved Performance

Improved running performance doesn't come from the aesthetics alone. In theory, a streamlined head shape while running can make a difference in your speed. The concept of aerodynamics and speed improving while running with a hat on likely doesn't matter too much to those that run recreationally, a few miles a week here and there. 

Instead, this improved performance will affect competition and marathon runners the most, as they need that speed differentiation to make a better time. However, if you're a casual runner interested in increasing your speed, you might want to try a hat and see where it takes you.

A hat probably won't make much difference if you typically run on the treadmill, but you might see a discrepancy in your times if you run outside! 

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