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The Basics of Six-Panel Hats

October 10, 2022

Baseball hats have been a headwear staple for decades, from sports fanatics to fashion lovers.  Not only are baseball caps practical, but they’re incredibly stylish. But many people don’t realize that there are different types of hats within the baseball hat category. One popular option is a six-panel snapback hat. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of six-panel hats, and answer the question, “What is a six-panel hat?”

The Basics of Six-Panel Hats

What is a Six-Panel Hat?

Six-panel hats are a popular type of hat. They’re sometimes referred to as snapback hats. Like other hats, they fully cover the head and feature a structured brim at the front. They are very similar to five-panel hats. However, there are a few key characteristics that make six-panel hats unique.


Panels are the pieces of fabric (or sections) that make up the crown of the hat. As the name implies, a six-panel hat has six triangle panels sewn together and meets at the top of the hat.

The easiest way to tell if a hat is a six-panel is by looking at the front. Since there are six panels, you’ll almost always see a full seam down the middle of the front. Five-panel hats will either have no seam or a small seam at the top.


Six-panel hats tend to have bigger and wider brims. Due to the construction of the hat, the brim is also flatter compared to the curved brim of a five-panel hat. You’ll often find six-panel hat styles with completely flat-brim hats, including the ever-popular hats by Mitchell & Ness.

The larger brim makes six-panel hats more of a statement. They also make them a great option if you’re looking for more sun coverage.

Front panel construction

Six-panel snapback hats have a structured front that sits at almost a 90-degree angle. Whether you're a fan of the Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, or any team in between, the firm and sturdy front make it the perfect canvas to show off your favorite team logo. 

On the other hand, five-panel hats tend to have a softer, more angled front panel.


One of the benefits of a six-panel hat is that the higher number of panels gives the hat a rounder, sharper look. They tend to look a bit bigger, making them less subtle than their five-panel counterparts.

The crown of a six-panel hat also tends to be deeper than a five-panel hat. Offering more coverage on the head.


Six-panel snapback hats typically have plastic closures of buttons and holes that snap together. Meanwhile, more classic five-panel hats tend to have metal buckles that tighten and loosen the hat. Both types of closures are usually adjustable to fit the wearer’s head.

However, plastic or velcro closures are becoming more common across all types of hats. Since they’re easy to use and comfortable to wear.

What Makes a Six-Panel Hat Different from a Five-Panel Hat?

Five-panel hats are another popular baseball cap style. However, as the name suggests it has five panels instead of six. They’re also commonly known as dad hats. As noted above, the basics between a six and five-panel hat are similar. This is why a lot of hat lovers appreciate both styles.

However, there are differences in fit and style that make it easy to tell them apart.

While five-panel hats are an undeniable classic, six-panel snapback hats are a popular choice among younger demographics. Particularly due to their common appearance in hip-hop and EDM culture.

That being said, many brands like 47 Brand and Goorin offer six-panel hats that are very similar in style to dad hats. So there are many great six-panel alternatives for those who love a more classic style.

Choosing a Six-Panel Hat for You

Your hat is a reflection of your personal style. Six-panel hats are a great addition to any hat lover's collection.

Whether you choose one to represent your favorite team or are searching for the perfect hat to match your outfit, Poleberg has you covered. From six and five-panel hats to bucket hats, we’ve got a hat for you. Shop our selection of headwear today.