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How Sports Influence Fashion

July 22, 2022

The world of sports and fashion are undeniably intertwined, and we have the presence of athleisure lines and collections within every major clothing retailer across the globe as proof. At first glance, it would seem that sports and fashion are two worlds that should not easily combine, but, in reality, this could not be further from the truth.

Sports have always influenced fashion trends, dating back to the 1800s when the baseball cap made its way into the limelight. Invented to shield the eyes of ballplayers from the sun, there's no denying that now, baseball caps are more prevalent in our society than they've ever been before. 

How Sports Influence Fashion

The Connection Between Sports and Fashion

Fashion and sports have more in common than you might think, primarily when it comes to comfort and functionality. Those participating in sports need garments that can move, breathe, and stay in line with the trends for that particular sport.

Though fashion wasn't always about comfort, in recent years, the demand for work-from-home attire and fashion influencers have brought comfort to the forefront, inspiring attainable, livable, fashion-forward styles. From here, it's easy to see how sports influence fashion, but let's break it down a bit further. 

Fashion Within Sports

From ballet and equine to football and soccer, every sport has its own fashion rules and regulations. What you wear on and off the field, stage, or horse is important. Now, it may not matter to those that don't participate but ask any professional athlete, and they'll tell you that fashion and design are significant components of their sport.

Coaches and trainers expect their athletes to show up prepared to participate, and dressing correctly is part of those expectations. You'll never see a ballerina trade in a leotard for sweatpants on stage, and that's due to function and fashion expectations within that specific sport.

Sports Fashion Influencing Real-Life

Somewhere along the way, perhaps dating as far back as that 1800s baseball cap, the fashion industry noticed that taking bits and pieces from sports fashion made a fantastic addition to real-life ensembles. We've seen it in bodysuits, the yoga pant explosion, ballerina flats, tall, equestrian boots, and knee socks. 

Sports fashion pieces influence what we wear off the field or court, as combining everyday wear such as jeans with sportswear like a bodysuit or jersey looks casual, fun, and pulled together. However, sports in general also affect our clothing choices more directly through the act of representation. 

Representing Your Sport

Not only do most people prefer to represent the sport they participate in through wearing official team gear and accessories, but those that don't play that sport like to do the same. Sports teams and apparel companies have created a multi-trillion dollar industry by making official sports gear available to the masses.

Over the years, this availability has proven to be a very wise choice. For example, in August of 2021,  Mac Jones's jersey sold out at the Gillette Stadium pro-shop before the New England Patriots rookie even took the field for his first official game. 

Fans love to represent their favorite sports, teams, and players. Representation alone has given sports room to create a massive influence on our daily fashion choices. When we wake up in the morning, we get to decide who we want to be that day, which is part of what makes fashion so much fun.

When you throw sportswear into the mix, you get to define a part of you that the outside world wouldn't see otherwise. You can represent the sport you participate in, the sport you love, or your favored team. Over the years, baseball caps have become a considerable part of this representation.

Baseball Caps and Sports Fashion

Baseball caps have become a massive part of the sports fashion puzzle, and the way we work them into any situation or occasion clearly answers whether sports have influenced fashion. When you think about it, we wear baseball caps for events and games that aren't even baseball-related, such as NFL and NHL games. These players do not actively participate in the sport of baseball professionally, yet they're wearing baseball caps pretty much anytime they're not wearing a helmet.

Brands, including sports teams, worldwide have taken the baseball cap to another level. Chances are, if you have a favorite team, you can find a hat that represents that team.

True to the purpose of fashion, baseball caps allow us to express a piece of ourselves. We get to step out of the house and tell the world that while you might not know much about me, now you know that I'm a Raiders fan, and perhaps we can find common ground there. If anything, hats are a conversation starter.

Merging Fashion and Sports

Fashionable athletic wear, marketed by major brands such as Nike, Under Armor, and Athleta, have made it possible to merge fashion and sports. However, nothing brings sports and fashion together more than adding a representative cap to your favorite casual outfit. 

As offices loosen their grip on business attire and more people work from home or remotely, fashion evolves. We're going from heels and dress shoes to sneakers and ball caps. There has never been a more acceptable or prevalent time than the current moment to combine sports and fashion. The way the world works (literally) is changing, and it's taking the way we style our everyday lives with it

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