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Dad Hats vs. Snapbacks

February 15, 2022

The style of hat we choose to wear is a very personal decision. As a go-to fashion accessory for many people, hats have the potential to show others a piece of our personality.

We can choose a hat from Poleberg and represent our favorite sports team, or pick a cap that features a beloved musician. Also, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a simple, solid color. The possibilities are endless! 

The only aspect of frequent hat-wearing that's as important as what you wear on your hat is what style of hat you choose. Hats aren't an unpredictable article of clothing. It's typically easy to foretell which type will stick around and which will fade.

Note* The unexpected revival of the bucket hat is an exception to this rule.

When it comes to dad hats vs. snapbacks, they remain at the top of the hat popularity contest. Both are fantastic hat choices, but each has a very dedicated following. Now, we'll dig into the controversy that is dad hat vs snapback.

Dad Hats vs. Snapbacks

Dad Hat vs. Snapback: A Controversy

Okay, it's not a controversy so much as a preference, but avid hat wearers tend to pick (and stick to) a team when it comes to snapback vs dad hat. Each style is terrific in its own right, but they definitely give off different vibes. 

From far away, the difference between snapbacks and dad hats can appear fairly small. If you're undecided regarding which style might fit you and your personality better, you should fully understand the difference between snapback and dad hat.

Hat Closure

Hat closure is a significant player concerning hats and the way they fit. We all know that person who will only wear fitted hats because they like a snug, polished, athletic look. On the flip side, some prefer a cap with a snap closure for ultimate comfort and adjustability.

Both dad hats and snapbacks have adjustable closures in the back. Dad hats typically have a sliding closure to push back and forth that tightens or loosens the hat. Named after the way they close, snapbacks are easy to adjust with two plastic pieces that snap together.

Material and Design

The way a hat feels and the way it looks is a factor that many consider when choosing which type of hat they want to wear. Though in style, dad hats are a bit more indirect than snapbacks.

Dad hats have slightly curved, factory-shaped brims. Usually made from cotton or canvas, they give off a very laid-back vibe and provide a bit more face coverage than the average snapback, like this amazing camo 47 Brand LA Dodgers hat from Poleberg.

Initially designed for professional baseball players in the 1950s, snapbacks exploded onto the 90s hip hop scene, and they've been popular ever since. Snapbacks tend to have flat brims, but as more consumers have come to appreciate the snap closure style, you can find them with a slightly curved brim from most major retailers.

Neither dad hats nor snapbacks will have a brim as curved as your typical baseball hat. Due to the flatter, wider brim, snapbacks naturally draw more attention to your face.

When deciding on the topic of dad hat vs snapback, consider how you like your hat to feel. Also, think about if you'd like to draw attention to your face or the cap itself. 

Angle and Fit

Though snapbacks and dad hats look different from afar, they are nothing alike regarding the angle the hat sits on your head. The angle of a hat majorly affects fit, so some people like certain hat styles more than others. After all, no head shape is exactly alike!

The panels of a hat affect the angle. Snapbacks have rigid panels, while dad hats have panels that are relaxed. Due to the difference in panels, snapbacks sit at a nearly 90-degree angle, while dad hats are much more relaxed, easily hugging the natural shape of your head. 

Logo and Pattern

We love to wear hats because they pull outfits together, they keep the sun out of our eyes, they're fashionable, and they allow us to express ourselves to those that don't know any details about us. Because of the panels, snapbacks usually have more room to place a logo or brand name.

Regarding logos and patterns, it's all up to personal preference. If you like to support the brands you purchase from with a little free advertising, then a snapback is right for you! Dad hats have room to place sayings, logos, and patterns, but it's usually a bit more on the subtle side. 

Styling Options

In all honesty, you can wear whatever type of hat you'd like with your favorite styles. However, visually, snapbacks vs dad hats are quite different, so most people find that one matches their typical everyday style more consistently.

Dad hats are perfect for daily wear, primarily if your look is classic and casual. Jeans and t-shirts are perfect for dad hats, while snapbacks complement an edgy or hip-hop look. Dad hats offer plenty of room to adjust and fit perfectly to your head, snapbacks are a fit a bit tighter under the brim. 

Hats are a reflection of personality. Though they might seem like nothing more than a fashion accessory, they're a window into the life of a stranger and, based on the brim style we choose, can even show the world our mood.

Snapback Stickers

When discussing the difference between snapbacks and dad hats, you'll notice that fan forums and retailers everywhere will stress the importance of stickers. Like this Chicago Bulls snapback at Poleberg, most snapbacks come with a sticker that displays the manufacturer. 

Those dedicated to wearing snapbacks will likely tell you that touching the sticker is a major faux paux! The sticker stays on the brim, no questions asked.

Choosing Between a Dad Hat or Snapback

Your style and preferences will weigh heavily when you're actively deciding what headwear works best for you. Though snapbacks and dad hats are different, there is no unwritten rule that states you can't keep a hefty collection of both in your closet.

Poleberg offers a variety of dad hats and snapbacks featuring various sports teams. Regardless of which style you prefer, dad hat or snapback, there are so many options available today, you're sure to find something that vibes with your style.