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Our Story

Since 2001, the father-son duo behind Poleberg has been aiming for one thing — to put you in the perfect cap to make your perfect statement, fan or fashion. Whether you found the perfect fit with us in our store in the heart of Astoria, are searching with us online, or find us in our current location, we want to help you find the piece that’s just the right finishing touch: the color you can’t find anywhere else, or your favorite vintage design that you thought went out of stock 5 years ago.

47 brand neon color collection

The way you express yourself is just that: yours, and authentically yours. At Poleberg, we want to help you discover and express that in our hats, regardless of your reason or aesthetic.

47 Brand Philadelphia Phillies Collection

We explore designs and colors so deeply because we want to reflect both sport and fashion trends — whether you’re looking for a vintage logo hat because that’s when you first became a fan of the team, or because it works more with your vibe and aesthetic, what works for you works for us. Now, with the addition of our webstore, no matter where in the world you are, you can benefit from our deep exploration and find that color, fit or style you may not have otherwise.

47 Brand Philadelphia Phillies Collection

We’ve curated some of the most unique colors and designs in hats (dad or otherwise) for you, and we trust the quality and craftsmanship of the brands we work with. With our family behind us, we’ll welcome you to ours when you shop with us, and help you find that perfect statement accessory that’s authentically you.


Welcome to the Poleberg family.